Large Animal Services

We offer haul in facilities as well as ambulatory services.


  • Teeth Floats using a power float
  • Vaccination programs to meet your needs
  • Laceration repair
  • Lameness evalution
  • Pregnancy ultrasound and palpation


  • Pregnacy Diagnosis (with or without ultrasound)
  • Dehorning, castration, and other herd work
  • Vaccinations and advice on which products to use
  • Dystocias and Ceaserian Sections
  • Hospitilization and treatment of scouring calves
  • Semen Testing
  • Chute Work
  • Complete workups for sick cattle


  • Pregnancy Diagnosis
  • Treatment of milk fevers, displaced abomasums and other ailments
  • Vaccinations

 Sheep and Goat

  • Fecal Floats and advice on deworming
  • Complete workup for sick animals

This is just a partial list of our services, so give us a call.  Town & Country also carries a full line of vaccines and health products for all large animals and we are happy to help you determine which ones fit your needs.